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 Western wedding site layout: check-in desk

A lot of new people’s sign-in desk is actually a billing desk, which is not right. In addition to the most basic reception functions, guests should also let guests feel the warmth of the wedding. So the sign-in book is indispensable, guests can sign and write a blessing, just like a star’s check-in wall, is one of the important souvenirs of the wedding. The previous sign-in desk rarely places new photos of the new person, and now the layout of the check-in desk has become personalized. The couple will prepare a small wedding photo, put it on the check-in table, and let the guests feel the sweetness and happiness of the new couple.

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Western wedding site layout: CARDS.

The most overlooked part of the wedding arrangement is the card. While setting the table, be sure to know the total number of tables so that you can accurately calculate and prepare enough seating CARDS and menus for each guest. Seat CARDS should be placed in front of each seat. The menu can be inserted into the napkin in the tray, or in the upper left of the cutter.

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