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Campus wind wedding decoration: sweet video.

At the wedding, in order to mobilize the atmosphere, at the beginning of the ceremony, you can prepare a little video. Video is the love story of the new couple, which can be a slide show of two people’s past, plus some stories that happen to them. Then show it on the big screen and let the guests feel your sweetness together. At the same time, I can find the feeling of watching movies at school. Everyone is sitting together quietly knowing your past.

Campus wind wedding arrangement: wedding photos.

Wedding photos acted an important role in the wedding arrangement, if two people in a picture taken when I was already planning to hold a campus theme wedding, when photography will be according to this style to take as much as possible. They can take the form of campus style, put on their school uniforms, sit in the classroom and watch their favorite people secretly.

Campus wind wedding arrangement: bouquet of flowers.

The bride’s hand holds the flower also does not want the past to decorate, the rustic is the most beautiful. At random into the bouquet, has been very good, use a few root represents our childlike innocence in the dog’s tail grass of The Times, some fresh daisies, tied in with a few red, this is in line with the wedding theme of the best bride holding flowers.

Campus wind wedding arrangement: table.

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Our dining place can decorate become campus canteen, and the adornment of the table can also choose to use books, still can put on some red candle, this arrangement can not only make the guests feel the students the flavor of The Times, still can make the table looks more have administrative levels feeling.

Campus wind wedding arrangement: table flowers.

Table flower decoration less total vase foil, because we are campus theme wedding, the table of flowers foil we can choose to use equipment used to do experiments, such as tube ah, like a beaker. Insert a red rose or a plant with a long stem in the test tube, this kind of flower art form will appear quietly elegant, sure will let a person bright.

Campus wind wedding arrangement: dessert.

For dessert, use some of the sweets we enjoyed as children. Since it’s the theme of campus weddings, let’s finish it off. When you were a kid, you could use the fruit sugar and the different animal shapes to serve as a dessert for our wedding.

Campus wind wedding arrangement: wedding cake.

No matter what the theme of the wedding, no less than the wedding cake, the “dessert”, the wedding cake not only represents completeness, but also represents sweetness. And on the campus theme wedding, prepare a cake that we had as a child, and that would be an unforgettable memory.

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