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drop shipping retailers

A retailer is an intermediary who sells goods directly to the end consumer. It is relative to the producer and wholesaler and is in the final stage of the circulation of goods. However, dropship electronics retailers are not the same, it is after the consumer orders, the product is shipped directly from the supplier or manufacturer to the consumer. The traditional sales model is the manufacturer to the supplier to the retailer to consumer. Every additional step, the cost of the product will increase. Drop shipping greatly reduces the cost of the product. It’s easy to become drop shipping retailers. You just need to find a supplier and choose a sales platforms. But if you want to do well, then the following points you need to consider.

How to choose the sales platforms?

Why do I want to introduce the first platform to choose? Because a famous platform can bring more traffic and more potential customers to your store, your product is more likely to sell.

I think a good sales platform must have the following:

1. The broad user base

2. User high active

3. User high accuracy

Well, anyone who knows a little about probability theory knows that if we have a user base of 10,000 and the turnover rate is 10%, then we have traded 1,000 people. If the user base is 100 people, then even if the transaction rate is as high as 50%, we can only trade 50 people. The latter’s efficiency is five times that of the former, but the final deal is only 5% of the former. This shows the importance of choosing the size of the sales platform.

Of course, the sales performance that the sales platform ultimately brings to us is affected in many ways. This is the two points mentioned later. One is user activity and the other is user accuracy. For example, WeChat monthly active users are about 860 million, and QQ monthly active users are about 820 million, while even if its active users at the double 11 is only over 100 million.

Therefore, the drop shipping retailers should consider these points when choosing a sales platform.

How to select your product?

1. Understand yourself and analyze the advantages and disadvantages.

When doing anything, you first need to know yourself, such as what you like to do, what you are good at, and what resources you have. As drop shipping retailers, the funds, manpower, and material resources required to invest in different products are different.

Understanding yourself and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses is to better select the right products. You can use SWOT to combine mind maps to make yourself more aware of yourself.

2. Market research, do a good job of market positioning

After you understand your situation, you need to conduct market research. The more meticulous the investigation work, the better because it is to set the tone for the direction of product selection. It is a directional issue. If the wrong direction is chosen, it will result in a less effective situation. If the choice of products is in the right direction, in the subsequent operations, as long as the right strategies and methods are adopted and persist, there will be fewer detours. The work of market research is to make the direction of their choice of products more clear, clear, and targeted.

3. Narrow the selection to focus on the product.

First of all, through targeted selection of a wide range of areas, after the need to narrow the scope of choice, focus on the product itself, such as product market capacity, whether the product meets the needs of the moment. Whether the product has a patent, whether it is unique in the industry, product design ideas and functional design, whether the product’s technical process meets the relevant standards and so on. The dropship phone cases retailers use the product as the carrier to purchase at a low price, and will reasonably increase the price and eventually sell the product. When selecting the product, the details of attention can reduce unnecessary trouble for the future.

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