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Hotel service for wedding reception

1. Soft drinks: whether to drink freely, including several soft drinks and drinking time. How to give it away, how many kinds of soft drinks are included in each table, and how to charge for different soft drinks.

2. Red wine: whether to give red wine (if given, number of gifts); Can you bring your own, whether there is a limit on the quantity, whether there is a bottle fee (if any, how much is the bottle)?

3. Other wine: whether there are complimentary or not. Does not give the gift can bring, whether to collect the bottle to use. How much does it cost to bring your own hotel?

4. Lighting: whether it can be adjusted or not, the hotel is responsible for lighting.

5. Lighting: is it free to provide, and how much does it cost?

6. Stage light: is it provided free of charge? How much is it not free?

7. Sound system: how many wireless microphones are provided, how many limited microphones are provided, and whether they are equipped with sound engineers. Whether the venue can be in those formats music: CD, VCD, DVD, MP3.

8. Imaging system: whether to provide the projector and projection screen for free, and how to charge the fee if it is not provided for free.

9. Service staff: each table is equipped with several service personnel, and the hotel is responsible for the other service personnel assigned by the banquet.

Set up the wedding banquet strategy.

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1. Check-in: do you have a check-in table? If there are flowers, what are they?

2. Stage size: the width and height of the stage, if it is a small stage, the size of the small stage and the quantity provided.

3. Pillars: if there are columns in the banquet hall, if so, how many of them affect the layout and vision?

4. Height of the hall: what is the height of the banquet hall and will affect the height of the setting?

5. Decoration style: what is the decoration style of the banquet hall?

6. Size of banquet hall: how many tables can be accommodated? Do you have to say hello?

7. Main table flower: do you have the main table flower? What are the flowers?

8. Main table cloth art: if there is a master table cloth art, where is the body now? The tablecloth OR apron OR the back of the seat.

Guest table: do you have a main table flower? What are the flowers?

10. Guest table cloth art: whether there is a guest table cloth art, if the body is now where? The tablecloth OR apron OR the back of the seat.

11. Background: if the background is provided for free, if the fee is charged, how will the background be selected?

12. Cloth field time: how long is the cloth field time in advance?

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