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Importance of online marketing stressed

Importance of online marketing stressed

Startup companies, straddled with a shoestring budget, can othedrwise have the advantage of advertisement. Thanks to digital marketing, entrepreneurs can promote their products through various social media platforms to boost wholesale sports outdoor outfitters business prospects.

“Online marketing has already become the key to reach out to a larger clientele both for startup and established companies,” said Lopa Mishra Jana, a digital marketing consultant and director of the Enlve Digital Solutions. She was speaking at a seminar on “Growing Your Business Using Digital Marketing” organised in collaboration with the State-run Institute of Entrepreneurship Development here on Wednesday.

In a session on “Effectiveness of Zero Budget Marketing”, Jana focused on both online and offline optimisation methods in which startups can promote their products and services at zero advertising cost. The seminar covered some free tools for bootstrapped enterprises.

Principal of the Institute for Entrepreneurship Development BB Mishra highlighted various schemes, programmes, finance, credit and tax incentives for the startup sector.

The basics of marketing and importance of both conventional and online form of advertising were explained by guest speaker Dr Asutosh Satpathy, a Delhi-based social media consultant.

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