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It is the key to analyze the characteristics of the European bride’s makeup.

One, bottom makeup is the key.

Good European bride makeup makeup must have good bottom makeup, creating the perfect bottom makeup, want clever in addition to the skin before make up, more important is to choose a good foundation: can fade uneven tone, and natural to undetectable, also pledged not to block pore fluid foundation, after coating the foundation, take the sponge flick, on the whole face, let sponge adsorption excess powder, oily muscle to fat tissue compressions are available, and the bottom makeup makeup effect to realize light break.

Two, eye makeup wants stereo.

The eye is the place with the most facial expressions. Want to make the eyes big and clear, send out attractive charm, can give the eye shadow that can give the eye of the eye, and can deepen the eye line of eye impression and eyelash cream combine to use, play magic effect! Of course, the choice of color is also very important to create attractive eye makeup. Can choose deep and shallow lubricious department to match eye shadow each other, use the tie-in color of deep and shallow contrast, can add the 3 dimensional effect of eye ministry. After the whole eye makeup is done, use the light eye shadow that contains bead light or bright light again, the place that is highlighted in the eyebrow bone is lightly brushed, the outline that adds whole eye.

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3. Blush repair.

Adjusted upward, “the position of the blush from two thirds of the risorius impose a wreath way slowly to the eye, cheek is red edge will not fall traces of gentle transition, cheek is red colors is very important, must be more than skin color a bit deep tan, but has a light texture and slightly pearl, let face shine attractive colour and lustre.

Sexy lips.

The lips that are delicate and charming, can make a person can’t help wanting a kiss. The gorgeous red lipstick can choose to compare, lips lightly wipe, make easily irresistible sexy pouting lips “, let the detailed color and proper, help you work little evil female charm of magic.

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