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The Best Products to Dropship in 2018

In the followings, we are going to tell you about 15 best products and categories. If you want to dropshipping products into your store please contact us so that we can help!


Drones are hot and a niche. By 2020, it’s anticipated that there’ll be 7 million drones in the United States alone. It’s expected that the drone industry will be worth an astounding $127 billion. Drones is far potential to become a best products to dropship

Pet GPS tracker

The GPS tracker is designed practical and essential. It catch the demands of pet owners. It is common to see news about seeking pets because of pet lost. Therefore, there is a huge demands for pet owner. They only need a smart phone then you can click over the geo-coordinates to see the exact location of the pet.

Bamboo supplies

Bamboo supplies have many merits in materials. It is one of the quickest growing plants in the world.That also means it can be great sustainable resource. It is harder than wood and has the natural feature which can reduce the noise, prevent aphids and bacteria.

Nowadays people pay more and more attention to health and environmental protection, therefore Bamboo products have great potential in domestic and international markets. The common popular Bamboo supplies contain Bamboo Cup, Bamboo watch, Bamboo Box,Bamboo Mat, etc.

Minimalist watches

Minimalism has become one of the mainstream art styles today. From design and architecture to music and literature, its influence is everywhere. Most of time it is very likely that we have been deeply attracted by the work of minimalist style, when we have not noticed it at all. The minimalist style of watch design is also highly recognized. Choosing the minimalist watch meets the taste and aesthetic of the present people. Men’s watches, women’s watches, and smartwatches are also showing increasing search volume over time.

Phone Accessories

The phone accessories industry has been growing for years. By 2022, it should reach $107.3 billion in market cap. Phone cases, Phone holder, grips, screen protectors, repair kits, chargers, Mini Mic and earphones have proven to be consistently popular.

Wireless devices

Keep your devices charged and ready to go when you are! The Wireless Charger makes charging as simple as placing your device on a surface so you can grab and go without the hassle of a mess. Think about how many people are using phones, and there are huge demand on wireless charger, it must be the most popular dropship beauty products.

Hair straightener

With the constant change of social trends, people are paying more and more attention to their appearance, especially women, and pay more attention to the beauty of hairstyles. Going to the hair salon is not only troublesome but also expensive. Therefore, many women will have hair straighteners. Hair Straightener can help you make one fussy, dull, unhealthy and damage hairs get straight and stylish looks.

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