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The bridegroom’s funny proposal confession

1. When you see this short message, you already have a fierce love poison, the only antidote is to marry me, don’t think about tomorrow get married!

Two, the sky gao yun talks, not the north return goose. Where can I send a little? Over the clear mountains. I often recall willowy, only sigh two water long. Don’t wait for the fragrance of the autumn chrysanthemum.

3, I am dying of my mother’s thought, I would rather marry you than the half of her death, please help me.

I want you to be my child’s mother, and my child names you.

5, hot love, hot love, hot girl, who doesn’t love!

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6 The bridegroom’s funny proposal confession:

1, “miss swan to the bird, no return empty former bother, cloud open on double Bi shadow, several flow and meet, sunset tomorrow man yee, single phase contrast” guess six words ~ ~ the answer is “I can not live without you”

A three-year-old boy, holding the hand of a three-year-old girl, said: “I love you.” The little girl said, “can you be responsible for my future?” The little boy said, “of course I can! We are not one or two years old! What I’m trying to say is, I’m not a year or two, so we can get married.

3, collect the information you would like me, delete you just like me, back to the information you want to marry me, don’t back to promise to do my wife, modify die are my people, to store the next life belongs to me! You can do it!

If I were a fox and you were a hunter, would you chase me? If I am tea you are boiling water, will you bubble me? If I were a car and you were a driver, would you drive me? If you are money I am bankbook, I will marry you.

Five, the big apple of the red flower, two days, I don’t want to die. You are a lamp in the past, illuminating the rest of my life. Where do you want to be romantic tonight?

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