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The most moving courtship

1, some people say that marriage is the tomb of love, but I want to say that marriage is the spring of love. Dear, marry me, I will not let you weep, I will make you feel better than ever!

2, how many lonely nights, because of separation, the number of thoughts deeply please, because of concern, how many happy romantic memories, because of love, and you are always together, because life is short, marry me, let our life is no longer alone.

3, no diamond ring, no roses, no flowers have a good month, no friends and friends, I just want to face the sky, say to your mobile phone, marry me, let us write happy life together.

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1, the fragrance of roses, that is my wish, the treasures of the diamond ring, that is my feelings, my wishes, my feelings, good life, happiness and disaster together, happiness from the heart, I use all my heart to give you a happy life.

2, I am not perfect, but I will grow up because I love you, I am not rich, but I will do everything I can to build your happiness, marry me, let us hand in hand, together into a warm place called home!

3, in my life the most frustrated, falling into the bottom of the valley, with your company and support, meet you are my greatest happiness in this life, dear: I want to give you myself, will you accept it?

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