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Top 5 Home Decor Wholesale Distributors

hen wholesale home decor, people usually like finding wholesale homewares distributors, because they can save middle fees and find the lowest price products,which allow them have larger profit space.

Next, I will introduce top 5 home decor wholesale distributors.


This brand is probably the Amazon of the online wholesale market. This Alibaba, however, still continues to be one of the top wholesale distributors.

1. Home Décor at Alibaba

If you are trying to identify a home decor section while surfing through Alibaba, you won’t find it by the name. Home decor products can be found under Home & Garden / Construction / Lights / Furniture section in categories.

You can surf through several sub-categories such as LED lighting, wooden furniture, garden supplies, door and window accessories etc.

2. Pros of wholesale home decor on Alibaba

It would be safe to say that there are thousands of products in there. It would probably take you a few days to be able to analyse home decor section of Alibaba. Product price vary from each distributors for the certain products. it’s free for registering an account on Alibaba.

3. Cons of wholesale home decor on Alibaba

If you are a fan of antique and classy products then Alibaba might not be the place for you. Also, durability and reliability of products at Alibaba is a big question.

Only the distributors in Alibaba offer wholesale services. Alibaba itself doesn’t offer wholesale or dropshipping services. Therefore, you need to contact distributors by themselves and it’s hard to find the reliable distributors for you.

What’s more, if you find, the distributors cooperating with you have low quality products and give up cooperating with them, you need to contact distributors one by one again.


Chinabrands is one of the leading home decor wholesale distributors seller online.

1. Wholesale home decor on Chinabrands

Home décor products can be accessed by clicking the home and garden category. Alternatively, you can also search for home décor in the search box.

2. Pros of wholesale home decor on Chinabrands

Interface at Chinabrands is extremely user-friendly and categories are easily accessible. Chinabrands offers a range of scintillatingly beautiful lightings and lamps.

Quite a few lovely products for your home can be found at Chinabrands. The best part about Chinabrands is that its delivery services are best in the business. It offer 48 hour delivery services.

It would be a good choice if you decide to buy more products as you will be eligible for better offers and discounts. Also, excitingly enough, you can also choose to customize certain products which is rare with online stores.

Differ from Alibaba, you don’t need to contact distributors by yourselves, Chinabrands will automatic give you the high quality products with discounts. Because, each distributor on Chinabrands is strictly selected by Chinabrands QC team.

3. Cons of wholesale home decor on Chinabrands

The huge number of products at disposal could make it tough to research. It has less payment methods —Paypal, Chinabrands’ wallet, credit card and Payoneer.

CTW Home Collection

CTW Home Collection is an online wholesale home decor store that has products exclusively for home décor.

This site will excite you if you are someone who loves that vintage and rustic look and want your house to look the same. It looks simple, classy and attracts you to explore the site.

1. Pros of wholesale home decor on CTW Home Collection

The products available at City Home Collection are lavish and are exactly the ones you would see at the most beautiful looking houses. This is the best place if you want to give a kingly look to your house in limited budget.

2. Cons of wholesale home decor on CTW Home Collection

The site doesn’t allow you to see the price of products if you haven’t registered at the site. Registering at the site itself is a long process and you would need all your documents like tax number. This can be a considerable put-off. Also, they deliver only to a few locations around the world.

India Mart

India Mart is an extensive online marketplace which not only has manufacturers and wholesale watches but exporters and retailers as well advertising their product. It has quite a few home decor product wholesalers.

1. Pros of wholesale home decor on India Mart

India Mart is a fantastic place to study the market and analyse rates at different levels of the product chain. Hence take some time to do that and then your favourite product for the minimum possible price. You can find some really unique locally crafted and handmade products as well.

Indian handicraft manufacturers can also be found who sell some really beautiful and marvellous artefacts which can be a hit amongst your guests.

2. Cons of wholesale home decor on India Mart

But for wholesale home decor, modern home décor products like LED lightings, door and window accessories, jar lamps, wallpapers etc. are available in limited numbers and options.

Also, such products, if available, shall not be of the highest standard and beauty.

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